The week in ReBrew

Things that made me happy and think in the week of Mar 8

A different kind of isolation

Imagine yourself donning a classic outfit that made it through centuries without big changes. Hanging out, brewing beer, walking through monasteries, far from technology and the hum and drum of social media.

As a former beer brewer who’s lifestyle borders on Asceticism I’d give this a second thought if there wasn’t an ocean between me and there.

California Dreamin’ … of bagels

By now you might have stumbled upon the highly controversial NYT article claiming that the best bagels are found in California.

As someone who lived on the East Coast longer than CA, I was in desperate need of an everything with lox and capers after that.

But also: Who cares? The best bagels (or food in general) can be found where you are. Around you or in your kitchen. Spreading the love of food doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg (should you have the funds to just hop over to Cali for bagels, can I please look through your couch for some change?) and none other than Alton Brown of Good Eats taught me that.

Besides, I like Food and Wine better. All hail Absolute Bagels.


One of my most ironic achievements is becoming a trained drone pilot and doing my final exam a month before the lockdown hit in 2020.

Seeing how much the technology advanced since then especially on a consumer level is making me giddy to do something like this once the panini is over:

The applications for filmmaking cannot be underestimated as suddenly one-shot takes like this are possible without fancy rigging, clever editing, or spending a lot of money on gear.


Tim Urban (@waitbutwhy on Twitter) knocking it out of the park for those who need some perspective. Now, or ever. *chef’s kiss*

Especially when I look at the past year, what happened and where I am now, there are so many unknown paths in front of me. Take stock and pack your bundle, every day is a chance for a new adventure.

What made me happy this week

  1. Simone Giertz, Swedish Maker now in SF, made a ridiculously whimsical bed that features everything I love. CNC, the soft touch of felt trying to be something it’s not, and a pull string light switch that would be a terrible idea if she had a cat.

    But seriously, her cheering while making and then seeing the final result is SO worth it.

  1. My friend Noni went to a “Break Room” and emerged victoriously after wielding a hammer into battle against all kinds of breakable things. Turns out a lot of things are!

    She also is in a band now if I can interpret this picture correctly.

    That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading!